Popular tenors, Roy Michaels of the Brooklyn Bridge, showman Steve Cruz and Las Vegas veteran John LaValle have joined forces to create a new spectacular show. This is not just a tribute to the iconic band but rather an engaging and exciting concert experience that audiences will feel like they are spending an evening with “Three Dog Night” as never before. Delivering the rock-solid musical accompaniment is the band BREEZE — Roy Rauschenberg, Ed Huerta, Larry Dinan and Jason Rosner.
Three Dog Night ruled the airwaves between 1969 and 1975, with 21 consecutive Top 40 hits, seven going gold. 3DN: The Three Dog Night Experience! brings you all the best — “One”, “Mama Told Me Not To Come”, “Eli's Coming”, “One Man Band”, “Shambala”, “Old Fashioned Love Song”, “Joy To The World”, ​and many more!

3DN: The Three Dog Night Experience!

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