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Theatrical Attractions

Available for live and streamed performances.

A Couple of Blaguards

The gritty upbringing of the McCourt brothers in Limerick Ireland comes to life with irreverent humor, burlesque and song.

Capitol Comedy

Capitol Comedy is a performance group that uses the winning formula of musical comedy, multimedia animation, and nonpartisan satire to engage and entertain audiences.

Under The Jello Mold

Her mom hid her post-mortem instructions in a specific spot; it turned out, she was also hiding a secret.
Under The Jello Mold is Jennie Fahn's solo comedy about how she dealt with her very colorful character of a mother during what turned out to be the final act of her mother's life.

Assisted Living: The Musical - THE HOME for the holidays

Are You Dreaming Of A White Haired Christmas?

From early retirement right up to the pulling of the plug, 21st Century seniors are partying like it's 1969. Imagine: no work, no pregnancy and a full array of Medicare-subsidized pharmaceuticals all while Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.

The Actual Dance: A Love Story

An award-winning play, The Actual Dance is one of the most beautiful love stories ever told.

ZuZu Acrobats

This hour and a half acrobatic and cultural experience from Kenya showcases incredible stunts as the ZuZu performers are stacked on top of another. The 2022 tour will feature new dances, routines and cultural traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Assisted Living: The Musical!

Living It Up - Late In Life!

The Diamonds - Let's Rock Broadway

This is a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience spanning four decades of popular music.