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Deliver your shows to an unlimited audience.

Use the go-to online ticketing & streaming platform for presenters and performers developed by industry professionals. 

Built for Presenters, Performers, and Agents.

Producers Inc has been serving the performing arts and entertainment industry for over 40 years. In March of 2020, we had an unfortunate front-row seat to the collective suffering of presenters, performers, colleagues, and friends throughout the industry as the Pandemic put an abrupt halt to almost everyone's financial stability and growth. We couldn't let our people go under.

That's why we developed Watchlive.

This service offering from Producers Inc. was intentionally developed for presenters, performers, and agents to provide high-quality streaming and online ticket paywalls that can deliver exclusive performance streams of requested shows to an unlimited audience. 


Ignite ticket sales. Future-proof your business.

We let you stream a show to anyone, anywhere, anytime without a loss in quality.

We'll help you set up your stream and online ticket paywall without requiring extra, non-sense fees.

We conduct our streams in real-time which means you can keep paying your staff the same. This isn't permanently recorded or shareable. 

We'll help audit your equipment, train your team, and facilitate the procurement of any additional equipment that may be needed for a successful stream. 

How does it work?

Request a show.

Set up online paywall.

Sell online access tickets.

Stream show to audience.

No commission fees. No confusing negotiations. Just revenue.

Some streaming options are just a streaming service. Others offer only a paywall. We do both and we can get your paywall up in less than an hour.

You set the ticket price for an online access ticket and we collect a small service fee passed onto the patron at the time of the ticket purchase. 


You set the ticket price. 

Want to give Watchlive streaming by Producers Inc. a trial run?

Request a performance from these Grammy-nominated artists by contacting us here. 


Overcome capacity limitations by offering online access to live performances.

Increase revenue through a new source of ticket sales without paying commission fees.

Expand your paying audience by 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, etc. Stream to 50 or 500K patrons across the world. 

Modernize your entire operation by adapting to the new behaviors of consumers post-COVID. 

Large Theatre

Answers to questions you may have.

  • Is this a recorded stream?
    No! This is a real-time live stream and not a recorded performance. This means that presenters are not required to pay their crew recording session rates.
  • Is the stream quality reliable?
    Yes! You can stream to 50 or 500,000 people withot loss of quality. There are no limits.
  • Who can take advantage of this service?
    Performers, presenters, attractions, agencies, venues, and their audiences.
  • Is the tech I need for this expensive and complicated?
    No! While having the right equipment for live streaming is critical for success, you most likely already have a lot of the necessary equipment in-house. If not, the price of quality tech to acquire for your stream is surprisingly affordable. We'll also have a tech representative available for you and your staff to help train and guide you to success. Not interested in investing in streaming equipment? We can provide cameras, equipment and staff required to stream your event at minimal expense.
  • I'm a small venue. Does this make sense for me?
    Yes! Any sized venue can benefit from streaming their shows, but especially smaller ones with limited seating!
  • Do I need a specialized tech crew to staff a streamed performance?
    The tech crew at most venues are more than capable of efficiently accommodating streaming. WatchLive will help provide you and your staff the necessary training to set your stream up for success so that your patrons will be begging for more streamed performances.
  • If this stream is through your Watchlive service, how am I compensated?"
    You set the online access ticket price. We set up the paywall for you. Your audience purchases these tickets through the paywall. After all credit card transactions are verified, our paywall remits the gross total of ticket revenue back to you at the end of the calendar month.
  • Can you give me an example with "real numbers"?"
    Sure! Imagine setting up your first stream performance. You set the online access price at $25. 200 online access tickets are sold for a total of $5,000. At the end of the calendar month, you're sent that $5,000 in ticket revenue. No strings attached.
  • How does the audience connect to the live stream?
    We'll provide you with simple and clear instructions that you can pass along to your online access ticket purchasers so that they can easily connect to the performance stream.
  • Are there additional fees for people wanting to buy an online access ticket?
    Barely. You set the original ticket price. For each online access ticket sold, we collect a service fee of $0.50 plus twelve percent (12%) of the original ticket price. So, if you set the ticket price at $20, the ticket purchaser will see a final cost of $22.90.
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