"Capitol Comedy is a performance group that uses the winning formula of musical comedy, multimedia animation, and political satire to engage audiences in an entertainment that is hilarious, insightful and non-partisan. Our new show takes on the Biden administration with songs and sketches poking fun at everything from diversity-driven decision-making to dog training to dumping dollars on the electorate. The other side takes it on the chin for putting up roadblocks to voting, judicial appointments, changing the Electoral College and anything that leans liberal.

“Republicans will chuckle and Democrats will love it”. [Dena Burroughs, El Monte Examiner]

Capitol Comedy combines parodies and original compositions to create a lively musical program. Audiences will delight in new lyrics to old standards such as “Camelot” (“Kamala”) “Beer Barrel Polka” (“Let’s Print Some Money”), “Seventy-Six Trombones” (“Seventy-Six Skin Tones In My Cabinet”), “Hernando’s Hideaway” (“Mitch McConnell’s Mausoleum”) and “When the Saints Go Marching In” (“When Those Souls Go To the Polls”). “…the sharpest current events lyrics since Tom Lehrer… the jokes are likely to stick in the throats of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike.” [Hollywood Progressive]

“…showstoppers spinning off jazz, blues, and R&B tunes with the utmost precision and also providing some well-timed sound effects…book and lyrics are equally impressive” [Lovell Estell III, L.A. Weekly]

The show intersperses musical numbers with three types of non-musical elements: sketches, mock commercial messages, and “news breaks.” Some examples of sketches: couples still settling scores from the Trump era; border guards trying to stop liberal California migrants from entering conservative Idaho; a historical re-write as Lincoln and an advisor work on the Gettysburg Address. “… amusing political sketches that cut through the bleakness with sarcasm and parody
deriving from Roman comedy via the British music hall, Jon Stuart, and Saturday Night Live.” [Stephen Leigh Morris, L.A. Weekly]

Interspersed with the live songs and sketches are animated videos that deliver mock commercial messages on a screen behind the stage. Examples include an ad for “Seeds of Greatness,” a chain of fertility clinics offering sperm from Donald Trump and an ad for a split-brain operation by Dr. Ben Carson that enables politicians to hold contradictory political positions more easily. A recurring “Weekend Update”-type segment draws humor from late-breaking developments in
the news, funny photos, and interviews with eccentric personalities. “…a brilliant job allowing us to laugh at ourselves as well as political figures, without being mean-spirited or gratuitous.” [audience review]

The six-person cast is composed of talented actor-singers and dancers with Hollywood, regional theater and off-Broadway experience. Their considerable performance skills include the ability to channel a range of political and other public figures. Capitol Comedy shows are timely and sharply satirical without being demeaning or vulgar. Since there is plenty on both the right and the left that needs criticism and evokes laughter, we aim for material that will be appreciated by and amusing to audience members whatever their political persuasion."

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Capitol Comedy