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Under The Jello Mold

Under The Jello Mold

Her mom hid her post-mortem instructions in a specific spot; it turned out, she was also hiding a secret.
UNDER THE JELLO MOLD is Jennie Fahn’s solo comedy about how she dealt with her very colorful character of a mother during what turned out to be the final act of her mother’s life.

Jennie’s mother was a force to be reckoned with: a former dancer, never content to merely rehash her past, there was always a story to be embellished, always a name to drop, and always a lesson to teach. This is a comedy about love, loss, and being of sound mind and body.

Told in anecdotes, characters, and song, the show has proven to be highly relate-able to audiences. Running time is 80 minutes, with no intermission (show can be arranged to have one intermission if preferred).

UNDER THE JELLO MOLD is simple to present: one actor, one story. There is no set, no costumes, no props, and very light technical requirements (1 lav microphone, projections/sound in a PowerPoint file of 31 cues). It can be presented in large auditoriums and intimate salons.


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