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Rhythm of the Yuletide Dance

Rhythm of the Yuletide Dance

This incredible live show creates a new era in Irish entertainment, featuring world champion dancers, a traditional Irish band, singers, an array of the most talented, gifted cast who keep audiences wowed all over the world.

The show continues to evolve thanks to the constant striving for perfection by its producer. Creating variety, he has produced a holiday show which will be available for booking for the 2023 Holiday season. “Rhythm of the Dance” celebrates a renewed vigor in Irish culture, embracing traditional and current Celtic styles into the inspired choreography and music. In addition to the athletic troupe of Irish champion dancers the production includes a live ensemble of Irish instrumentalists along with action packed vocal soloists.

Internationally rated as one of the most popular and successful Irish Step Dance shows on tour, by critics, audiences, and millions of fans around the world, the Company continues the tradition of scheduling the annual tour they have mounted for 30-plus years.

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