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Jukebox Junction

Jukebox Junction

Together For The First Time!

Available for the first time, two of nostalgia’s major attractions — A big band (The Glenn Miller Orchestra or The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra) and The Diamonds — starring in the entertaining, non-stop musical revue, Jukebox Junction. This package features musical hits of four decades of America’s favorite music — from big band hits to doo-wop and rock and roll classics! This is the first time a package like this has ever been available. Both attractions have consistently demonstrated their ability to appeal to that ever expanding demographic — fans that love the “Music of America”. This attraction can also be titled “A Salute To American Bandstand”

Each performs separately, then the show ends with a show-stopping finale, performing together.

Let their history of success be your success story as well. The big band will get your audience “In The Mood” and The Diamonds will take them on a “Stroll” down memory lane! Don’t miss the opportunity to book this great show — Available now!

The Glenn Miller Orchestra

Formed by Glenn Miller in 1938 Glenn Miller and his orchestra was a single dance band that took the nation by storm. What was unusual about this big band is that the arrangements were built around a clarinet and tenor saxophone playing the melody while the saxophones play the harmony. This allowed the impeccable Glenn Miller to create his own arrangements in style and sound the broke away from the normal big-band pack. In 1939 the Glenn Miller Orchestra really hit it big with through their biggest hits… “Moonlight Serenade” and”In the Mood.” By 1940 the Glenn Miller band had 31 top 10 hits and a record eight number one hits in a single calendar year.

The ever-popular “Moonlight Serenade”, “In the Mood”, “Tuxedo Junction”, “Pennsylvania 6-5000”, “Chattanooga Choo Choo”, “A String of Pearls”, “At Last”, “Little Brown Jug”, and “(I’ve Got a Gal In) Kalamazoo” have appeared various times in pop culture and brought swing music to a new height.

Glenn Miller’s fantastic career was cut short when his plane disappeared on December 15, 1944 from a departure from the United Kingdom to Paris. Glenn Miller made such an integral impact on the world that his incredible music and arrangements live on today with the impeccable Glenn Miller Orchestra led by Nick Hilsher.

The Diamonds

In 1957 THE DIAMONDS released an instant million selling hit called “Little Darlin’.” The song continues to sell worldwide and has been dubbed “the National Anthem of Rock and Roll.” To date it has sold approximately 20 million copies.

Through the years since the release of “Little Darlin,” THE DIAMONDS have learned one important lesson – the durability of this classic rock and roll music is as much about the future as it is about the past. As a result, THE DIAMONDS continue to expand their audience to this day, performing in a variety of venues and settings worldwide. These performances include – with Symphony Orchestras, in Performing Arts Theatres and major concert halls, on cruise ships, in casinos, at county and state fairs, on tours of England, Ireland, Brazil, Chile, Korea, and Japan, for benefit concerts, corporate conventions and at nightclubs. “We’ve been pleased to find a growing audience among all age groups. They love songs they can understand, remember and actually sing the words to… today, tomorrow, or even 20 years from now.”


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