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Carl Dixon Sings The Guess Who

Carl Dixon Sings The Guess Who

Join Carl Dixon, Bill Wallace, Laurie MacKenzie and Mark Santer (Guess Who alumni) as they share the music, hits and stories from The Guess Who, in a two hour live theatre performance. Video shows snippets from the live show. Special guest Matt Young on keyboards.

CARL DIXON was lead singer of The Guess Who for eight years in total from 1997-2000 and then again in 2003-2008 but a shocking car accident in 2008 left Carl clinging to life. Incredibly Carl survived. He even rejoined The Guess Who for two special shows in 2016. His positivity and heart brings warmth, soul and power to the iconic Guess Who songs. Carl's voice has been described by National Radio as one of Canada's stellar rock voices. Now Carl is joined on stage by former band members of The Guess Who including Bill Wallace who wrote some of those famous Guess Who hits. It's a night of great songs, the stories behind the hits and music by musicians playing true to the original Guess Who sound.

"The first 45 I ever bought was The Guess Who. That music inspired me and I'm honoured to still play these great world class songs."
- Carl Dixon 2019

Carl Dixon * 8 yrs with TGW, Bill Wallace*bass & composer of TGW hits and from TGW hey days & reunion tour, Laurie MacKenzie *8 yrs with TGW, Mark Santer (subbed for Garry Peterson),

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