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CAPITOL COMEDY is back with a brand new show!
"Take My Candidate...Please!"
Premiering in Fall, 2023

CAPITOL COMEDY is a troupe of talented sketch performers, singers, and impressionists formed with one goal in mind: to poke fun at today’s political scene. The troupe, based in Washington, D.C. uses the winning formula of musical comedy, multimedia animation, and political satire to engage audiences in entertainment that is hilarious, insightful and non-partisan.

​The company combines parodies with new lyrics to old standards and original compositions to create a lively musical program. Interspersing musical numbers with short sketches and “news updates”, the shows find the humor in the latest political and social issues.

​The 6-person cast is composed of talented actor-singers and dancers with Hollywood, regional theater and off-Broadway experience. Their considerable performance skills include the ability to channel a range of political and other public figures.

​Capitol Comedy shows are timely and sharply satirical without being demeaning. Since there is plenty on both the right and the left that needs criticism and evokes laughter, the troupe's material will be appreciated by and amusing to the audience whatever their political persuasion may be.

"From ridiculous to hilarious, CAPITOL COMEDY nails it with sidesplitting stupidity and uproarious humor. This quirky, eccentric production puts the spotlight on a witty, waggish Washington as it dissects today’s real Comedy Central right here in D.C."
- Elaine Mura, L.A. Splash

"Lose your blues and keep your composure with CAPITOL COMEDY. Six insanely talented performers spare no one sending up all sides of the political spectrum with song parodies, comedy sketches, mock commercials, and fake news updates. No topic is off limits.”
- News Desk MD

"CAPITOL COMEDY uses musical comedy and non-partisan political satire that was described by L.A. Weekly as “Amusing political sketches that cut through the bleakness with sarcasm and parody” with comparisons to the work of Jon Stewart and “Saturday Night Live.”
- David Jasper, The Bulletin

"Expect satires of many political figures, both national and international. ...No party, no politician and no issue are off limits for the equal opportunity offenders."
- Catherine Godbey, Decatur Daily

"CAPITOL COMEDY is a new troupe of exceptionally talented singers and impressionists, brought together by writer, director, producer Nicholas Zill. You won't want to miss them.”
- Carol Kaufman Segal, Carol's Culture Corner


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(813) 988-8333

5109 Oakhaven Lane
Tampa, FL 33617

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