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A Couple of Blaguards

A Couple of Blaguards

Rollicking Comedy

Frank McCourt is arguably the literary phenomenon of the ’90s. “Angela’s Ashes” has sold well into the millions in hard cover and paperback and has been translated into at least 26 languages. His second book ”Tis” is a major bestseller and his award-winning audio tapes sell in the hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Like their best-selling books, Frank McCourt and Malachy McCourt’s A Couple of Blaguards is an autobiographical account of their years growing up in poverty in Ireland. Though times were tough in Limerick, the tales spun by the brothers McCourt simmer with bittersweet recollections, ferocious humor and a parade of colorful characters from the priest who warns of sinners’ eyeballs exploding in Hell to the McCourt grandmother who spits on Franks unruly Presbyterian hair to tame it.

According to Malachy McCourt, This show is the result of Frank and me listening to the stories of our elders which in turn tunes the ear, the eye and the tongue to observe and give voice to even the most trivial of events. I think we had more fun than anyone writing and performing Blaguards, which has become an affectionate term for the rowdy, outgoing, and sometimes drinking sort of boys. “If you don’t have a good evening, you should have yourself checked to make sure you haven’t died during the day. ”

From one-nighters to long runs, this brilliantly structured comedy is a proven crowd-pleaser offering solid entertainment value, whether your event is educational, corporate or theatrical. ‘A Couple of Blaguards’ is a popular commercial and not-for-profit, theater favorite. The many successful productions over the years assure the presenter of a talented stable of actors who have played the McCourts. (Malachy is occasionally available to play himself.) Howard Platt, directed the NYC, Washington D.C., and Boston productions, and is recommended by the McCourts.