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ARTRAGEOUS has a passion for all things art and community and they bring their message of the arts being an integral and valuable part of human existence to the stage, leaving their audience of all ages singing, dancing, and clapping along.

Costumed troupe members greet patrons in the theatre prior to the show with a souvenir finger light ring.
The actors teach members of the audience dance moves they will use later and pick volunteers to join them on stage for special numbers.

As the lights dim, the troupe, using hands, brushes, and other objects, create art pieces on giant canvas’, while the audience is intrigued, guessing what each painting will become. In a matter of minutes, paint and brush strokes become portraits of famous icons. All the while, live musicians are performing popular musical styles from pop to country to original music .

The audience is immersed in the world of ARTRAGEOUS and become participants in the show, not merely watchers. Everyone has the opportunity to join in the fun. A showstopper moment comes in the 2nd half, when the entire audience activates their souvenir finger lights - to create a full scale light show.

At the end of the performance, the entire audience is invited on stage to see up close, the exclusive, created before their very eyes, Art Pieces. Audience members can meet the troupe and take photos as they walk through the gallery of live art.

ARTRAGEOUS has been fortunate to perform for theatre-goers and celebrities alike and their artworks are in private and public galleries around the world.

"You have to see it to believe it!"
The Washington Post

“Go See This Show!”


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(813) 988-8333

5109 Oakhaven Lane
Tampa, FL 33617

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